3.5 Gallon Sports Tins

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3.5 Gallon Sports Team Popcorn Tins

Choose from these 7 Designs:

  • Wisconsin Badgers
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Milwaukee Brewers
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Chicago Bears
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Detroit Lions

We specialize in making only the most delicious popcorn, and the popcorn in our holiday tins is no exception. 

Choose a favorite flavor to make your holiday season truly special!

To add one of our Specialty Flavors to your tin, please call us at (920) 627-5850 or (262) 355-5850. (Chocolate Caramel, Caramel with Peanuts, Caramel Cashew, Cherry Chocolate Cheesecake, English Toffee with Bits or Mint Chocolate Chip) To insure freshness, all popcorn flavors are individually packed in resealable plastic bags.